Winter Climbing


Building Experience on Ben Nevis

'Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.' Valuable lessons learnt winter climbing on Britain's highest peak by Alan Halewood from Glenmore Lodge


Scottish Winter Mixed Climbing

George McEwan from Glenmore Lodge provides everything you need to know about Scottish Winter mixed climbing. This includes knowing when is a route in condition, ethics and style, techniques and equipment.


Winter Climbing Skills: Equipment

Winter climbing is very equipment intensive. Typically, your average winter climber carries over fifteen kilos of extra weight, made up of assorted hardware, axes, crampons, helmet, rucksack, boots etc. So how can you make your winter gear work for you – ensuring that you are adequately equipped for your winter adventure – and not against you? George McEwan from Glenmore Lodge gives some helpful advice.


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