Knots and Hitches for Climbingots


Rethreaded Figure 8

 This is most common knot used to tie onto the end of a rope. The knot should be finished with a stopper knot (not shown).

Figure eight tie in for rock climbing



 Another common tie in knot. The bowline has the advantage that it is easy to undo, even after heavy loading, but it is slightly trickier to tie. Instructions to follow.



 The simplest knot of all.


Overhand on a bight

 Most often used to equalise anchors, but also used to form a makeshift daisy chain from a sling.


Double Fisherman's

 Used for joining two ropes of the same diameter. This can be used to join two ropes for abseiling, but can be difficult to undo once loaded. It is most often used to tie cord into loops to form prusiks.


 Hitches differ from knots in that they must be tied around an object in order to hold their shape.


Italian Hitch (AKA Munter Hitch)

 A useful hitch to use for belaying a climber.

Clove Hitch

For a quick, easily adjustable attachment to an anchor at a belay.




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