Climbing Games

Bored of the same old routine at the indoor climbing wall? In this feature we look at climbing games; fun activities which will not only spice up a session but also help improve technique, endurance, body positioning and much more.


Climbing Grades

Neil Gresham attempts to set straight some of the confusion that surrounds the various climbing grading systems that are used in the UK, covering trad climbing grades, sport climbing grades, and bouldering grades.


Modern Warning Sign

Libby Peter’s Rock Essentials Clinic: Crag Awareness and Safety

There’s more to being a climber than just getting to the top of a route. Libby Peter shows you how to be more crag aware by considering access and environmental issues, objective hazards and rescue.


Libby Peter's Rock Essentials Clinic: How to Prusik

A very useful skill that every climber should know and something that one day could save you. Libby Peter shows you how to make a prusik knot and the technique required to use it.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to look after your climbing gear

Jez Portman shows you how to give your wallet – and the environment – a well-deserved break by cleaning, treating and repairing your clothing and climbing equipment


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