The Everest Files

by Matt Dickinson

Vertebrate Publishing £6.99

This tale by Matt Dickinson is inspired by his own experiences on Everest, both happy and tragic. It cleverly describes and explains the realistic hardship that is undertaken to reach the world’s highest peak. Following a fictional character on a gap year, this may persuade or dissuade teenagers on the idea of a year travelling, depending on their thirst for adventure. Although the story is not a true one, you get the sense that all the events could and have happened on the great climb, giving a clear sense that Everest is no easy achievement.

With action packed events and plot twists, this story leaves you little pause for breath. Often two weeks of time is crammed into two pages. The layout of a story within a story enables the reader to relate to two very similar teenagers, even though they have been brought up with very different lifestyles. I enjoyed the book, but did feel it to be targeted at people younger than me, probably the 14 to 17 years old age range. So, if you are a young promising climber, have ambitions of climbing Mount Everest, or simply enjoy adventure stories, give this book a read.

Dan Leicester


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