2019 IFSC World Championships start August 11th

Aug 10th; 2019

The 2019 IFSC World Climbing Championships at Hachioj, Japan are set to start tomorrow.

Over 253 athletes from 39 different countries are registered to compete in the 12-day event that includes separate World Championships for Boulder, Speed and Lead as well as a Combined event. The highest 20 ranking athletes competing in all three disciplines will then go forward and compete in the Combined World Championships at the end of the Hachioji event from which the highest seven ranked athletes, subject to two per gender per country, will qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Janja Garnbret and Tomoa Narasaki lead the combined rankings ahead of the start of Hachioji as seen in the table below. For anyone wondering why Adam Ondra isn’t listed in the current rankings it’s because he did complete a minimum of two events in each of boulder, speed and lead in the World Cup events. Team GB athletes, Will Bosi and Shauna Coxsey are currently in 6th and 11th place respectively and as such are in strong position to qualify, assuming they maintain their previous 2019 form, to compete in the Combined at the Hachioji World Championships.

The current/provisional scheduling for the Hachioji event is as follows:



Sunday, 11th August

Women Bouldering Qualification

Monday, 12th August

Men Bouldering Qualification

Tuesday, 13th August

Men & Women Bouldering Semi-Final & Finals

Wednesday, 14th August

Men & Women Lead Qualification

Thursday, 15th August

Men & Women Lead Semi-Finals & Finals

Friday, 16th August


Saturday, 17th August

Men & Women Speed Practice / Qualification / Final

Sunday, 18th August

Women Combined Qualification   

Monday, 19th August

Men Combined Qualification

Tuesday, 20th August

Women Combined Final

Wednesday, 21st August

Men Combined Final

All semi-final and finals, taking place on August 13th, 15th, 17th, and 20th-21st, will be live steamed via the IFSC website.

Click through here for the timetabling for the various rounds…



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