• Kendal Mountain Festival launches photo competition

    Kendal Mountain Festival have launched the annual photographic competition.

  • Seb Bouin climbs France’s hardest single pitch and multi-pitch routes within a week

    Seb Bouin is absolutely on fire at the moment having done the first ascent of what is now thought to be France’s hardest single pitch route La Rage d’Adam (F9b/+) last week and then repeated Hossana (F8c max), France’s hardest multi-pitch climb just yesterday.

  • Banff Mountain Book Competition long list announced

    The long list for the 2019 Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival has been announced.

  • Hachioji Men’s Combined World Championships

    In a high drama event at the World Championships Tomoa Narasaki, Jakob Schubert and speed climbing specialist Rishat Khaibullin respectively took the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Men’s Combined at Hachioji after Alex Megos retired with a finger injury and Adam Ondra fail to qualify.

  • Hachioji Women’s Combined World Championships

    The Women’s Combined World Championship in Hachoiji concluded earlier today with Janja Garnbret, Akiyo Noguchi and Shauna Coxsey taking Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

  • Hachioji Speed World Championship Report

    Aleksandra Miroslaw and Ludovico Fossali took the gold medals at the Speed World Championship at Hachioji over the weekend.

  • Hachioji Lead World Championship Report

    Janja Garnbret and Adam Ondra take the golds at the Lead World Championships in Hachioji.

  • Whittaker repeats Recovery Drink (F8c+)

    Pete Whittaker has just repeated Recovery Drink in Jossingfjord, Norway. This is the third ascent of this steep crackline, not officially graded but considered to be F8c+, following the first ascent by Nico Favresse in 2013 and Daniel Jung last year.

  • Bringing up the next generation of Young Alpinists

    This year Rab embarked on a landmark new project aimed at inspiring the next generation of young Alpine climbers. Together with IFMGA Mountain Guide Ric Potter, the brand funded a project in which nine 16-year-old novice Alpinists ventured into the mountains of Switzerland.

  • Hachioji Bouldering World Championships Report

    Janja Garnbret and Tomoa Narasaki take gold medals in IFSC World Championship bouldering event at Hachioji whilst Shauna Coxsey takes a well-earned bronze.



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